The week in government: BOS on South Union building, Town Meeting schedule, issuing RFP for Legal Services, CSX easement issues

Above: These days, most meetings that used to welcome the public to attend in the Town House Hearing Room or other public facilities are accessible to the public by video/audio conference calls only.

Here are the posted committee and board meetings for this week along with my selected highlights from the agendas. All currently scheduled meetings are only available to the public virtually.*

As always, be aware that changes to the meeting schedule are known to happen throughout the week. (Last week, a couple meetings popped up that I didn’t list last Monday – scroll down for those details.) For an updated list of meetings, visit the town website.

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

  • Board of Selectmen Meeting, 6:30 pm @ Virtual Meeting (agenda and packet) Agenda Highlights: Municipal Technology Committee update; Capital Planning Committee discussions (see their highlights below); Downtown Initiative update; Scheduling of Annual Town Meeting; Review draft RFP for Legal Services; Discuss CSX easement and downtown portion of Main Street reconstruction project; Shared Streets grant update
  • Capital Planning Committee Meeting, 6:30 pm @ Virtual Meeting (agenda) Agenda Highlights: Joint meeting with Board of Selectmen on FY22 capital spending recommendation, Article for standing Capital Planning committee, and next steps for pursuing potential disposition of South Union School building (21 Highland Street)

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

  • Advisory Committee Meeting, 6:30 pm @ Virtual Meeting (agenda) Agenda Highlights: Discuss with ADA Ad Hoc committee proposed new standing committee; Discuss citizen petition Article to create Noise Bylaw; FY22 budget update; Positions on Articles for OPEB Trust fund contribution, lowering of interest rate on senior tax deferrals, and availability of Annual Report and Warrant; Discuss employment benefit (including retirement) programs; Capital Planning Committee work update

Looking Back:

Below are meetings from last week that were posted after I wrote last week’s list: 

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

  • Board of Health Meeting, 6:30 pm @ virtual meeting (agenda, video) Agenda Highlights: Join Advisory for discussion of the FY22 Board of Health Budget

Thursday, February 25, 2021

  • Southborough Housing Opportunity Partnership Committee Meeting, 8:00 am @ Virtual Meeting (agenda, video) Agenda Highlights: Habitat for Humanity presentation, 5-year Plan Update for Affordable Housing Trust 
  • Economic Development Committee Meeting – Revised, 7:30 pm @ virtual meeting (agenda, video) Agenda Highlights: Votes on new EDC recording clerk and proposals for Wastewater Feasibility Study contract; Update on Downtown bylaw; Discuss goals for Community One Stop for Growth

Friday, February 26, 2021

  • Capital Planning Committee Meeting, 7:30 am @ Virtual Meeting (agenda, video) Agenda Highlights: Vote on FY22 Capital items not previously voted on; prep for presentation to selectmen; Committee language for Warrant Article to create standing committee

*The Town intends to make each of its meetings available for viewing/listening via streaming live (and saved) video and audio on YouTube with some available for public comment by zoom. Live streaming of school committee meetings is only available for viewing via webinars. There is the caveat that there could be technical glitches that force the Town to take backup actions:

No in-person attendance of members of the public will be permitted, but every effort will be made to ensure that the public can adequately access the proceedings in real time, via technological means. In the event that we are unable to do so, despite best efforts, we will post on Southborough’s website an audio or video recording, transcript, or other comprehensive record of proceedings as soon as possible after the meeting.

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