SYFS Survey: Agency seeking assess community needs

Southborough Youth & Family Services is asking residents and Town employees to complete a 5-10 minute survey. In the survey introduction, SYFS explains the agency:

is very interested in learning more about your experience as it relates to behavioral health and wellness in our town. Your honest feedback will help us improve our services. This survey is completely anonymous 

The survey is part of SYFS’ community needs assessment. It will be an important factor in their strategic planning process.

The questionnaire has been revised to be easier to accurately complete since the announcement was first issued yesterday afternoon.*

Click here to participate.

*Initially, the survey required takers to identify areas they perceive to be under supported. Since each question requires completion in order to move on, that could have caused some participants to answer the question in a way that didn’t accurately reflect their opinions. The survey now allows participants other options if they don’t feel areas are under supported or don’t have an opinion on the subject.

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