Pre-Annual Town Meeting tonight

Pre-Town Meeting announcement
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The Town Town Moderator will be holding his “Pre-Town Meeting” tonight – Tuesday, May 4th.

According to the ad (right), posted to the Town’s website this morning, the session will take place at 5:30 pm over zoom.

You can find the link and meeting ID info here.

The ad invites, “Come learn about the logistics of Town Meeting and get a brief overview of Warrant Articles.”

The materials packet for the Board of Selectmen’s meeting at 6:30 pm tonight includes the Warrant. I’ve saved that to a separate document you can open here.

Seventeen Articles are the usual requests. They include reports, annual authorizations, required financial obligations, operating budgets, capital expenses, and changes to the SAP (the administration plan for non-union salaried Town employees).

Below are the additional twenty-two special requests that will be made of voters at the meeting scheduled to open on May 22nd: 

18. Appropriation from CPA Funds – Kallander Field Construction*
19. Appropriation from CPA Funds – St. Mark’s Church Bell Tower Renovation*
20. Appropriation from CPA Funds – Town House Historical Preservation
21. Appropriation from CPA Funds – Flagg School Assessment
22. Appropriation from CPA Funds – Trail on DCR Land
23. Disposition of 21 Highland Street (South Union School)
24. Adopt New Income Limits/Interest Rates for Clause 41A Tax Deferrals
25. Amend Town Code – Increase Qualification Period for Appointments*
26. Amend Town Code – Availability of Annual Report and Warrant
27. Adopt MGL for Saturday Office Hours*
28. Adopt MGL to Reduce Speed Limit in Thickly Settled Areas*
29. Adopt MGL to Designate Safety Zones*
30. Adopt MGL to Implement Local Meals Tax*
31. Amend Town Code – Southborough Public Accessibility Committee*
32. Amend Town Code – Advisory Committee
33. Amend Town Code – Capital Planning Committee
34. Amend Town Code – Zoning – Miscellaneous Provisions*
35. Amend Town Code – Zoning – Outdoor Illumination*
36. Amend Town Code – Zoning – Site Plan Review*
37. Citizen Petition – Amend Town Code: Noise Bylaw*
39. Citizen Petition – Flagg Road Truck Exclusion

I didn’t list one of the Citizen Petions, Article #38 (Amend Town Code: Reduce Plastic Waste), since voters will be asked to indefinitely postpone it.  The original petitioner, Michael Weishan, wants to hold off on pushing this initiative until indoor presentations can be held.

As I’ve previously posted, the zoning bylaw changes proposed for the Downtown District are postponed to a Special Town Meeting in the fall. The Planning Board is continuing to hold public hearings for the remaining zoning bylaws.

Weather permitting, the meeting will open on Saturday, May 22nd at 10:00 am on the field next to Neary School, 53 Parkerville Road. If business isn’t concluded in time on that day, the meeting will be continued to Sunday.

*These 12 Articles were postponed from Annual Town Meeting in 2020.

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