Covid Update: Estimating at least 80% of Southborough adults fully vaccinated, and 10% partially

The state’s report on testing and infections last night kept the Town at the lowest risk level (grey) for the third straight week.

May 29 - Southborough Testing and Positivity RatesThe report indicated only 2 cases were confirmed in two weeks based on tests taken through Saturday, May 29th. The Average Daily Incidence Rate per 100,000 was 0.7 (lower than prior period) and the % of tests confirmed positive was 0.06% (also lower). (See graph right.) 

This week, I’m again basing vaccination percentages on my own population estimates. (If you didn’t read the explanation last week, you can find that here.)

My figures have 80% of residents ages 20+ are fully vaccinated, and another 10% are partially vaxxed. Plus, 84% of teens are at least partially vaccinated. (As I’ve previously noted, this doesn’t include anyone who was vaccinated in another state – like snowbirds or college students.)

Below are my updated charts and graphs:

June 1 - Residents vaccinated by age June 1 - Vaccinations-table June 1 - Vaccination progress by age group - 1 dose or more June 1 - Fully Vaccination progress by age group

(For more details on those groups, plus race/ethnicity, click here.)

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