Warning of Potential Flash Flood

Southborough Emergency Management alerted:

Quick heads-up. The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a Flash Flood Warning for Western and Central Massachusetts until 10pm. Slow moving thunderstorms will have the potential to produce 2″-4″ per hour rainfall. Most storms will produce wind gusts of 40-50mph with potential isolated gusts of 60mph.

Attached is a briefing graph from the NWS – Norton

Also See attached flyer
“Turn Around, Don’t Drown”
If you cannot see the ground under the water, then… you DO NOT know what is under the water. Open manhole or culvert? Floating debris? Drop-off shoulder?
Flash floods appear with little to no warning
As little as 6″ of standing water can wash away a person, moving water requires much less
As little as 12″ of standing water can wash away a car, moving water requires much less

More details are in the linked pdf.

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