Southborough Democratic Caucus – June 21

Southborough Democrats are invited to attend the the party’s virtual caucus a week from today to help elect delegates to the state convention.

Here is there announcement:

Southborough to Elect Delegates to Democratic State Convention

2021 is not an election year. No one seems to be disappointed at a little rest from electoral politics. However, those of us in the Democratic Party are taking this breather to build a policy platform to run on in 2022.

This starts when registered Democrats in Southborough hold a Zoom virtual caucus at 7:00 pm on Monday, June 21.

The caucus will be open to the public, and the Democrats in attendance can stand for election, nominate, and vote to elect delegates and alternates to the 2021 Massachusetts Democratic State Convention, which will take place on September 25 in Lowell. There, we’ll adopt platform amendments that come out of this summer’s series of hearings across the Commonwealth.

Those who wish to attend may register for the Zoom call [click here], in advance if at all possible. If you’d like to have a vote but are not yet registered as a Democrat, you may register, pre-register, or change your party registration [click here].

We Massdems are committed to wide small-d representation of all Americans, so we have a process for members of underrepresented groups to become delegates even if they’re not elected by the caucus. This is the delegate add-on process, which is built to reach out to youth, minorities, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ people.

Any Democrats who want to get involved with the Southborough Town Committee can contact the chair, Kelly Roney, at 508.380.0597 or visit our [Facebook group] or Twitter account, @Southboro_Dems.

For more information on Massdems caucuses, please [click here]. For more information on the September convention, [click here].

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