Fire Dept “Customer-Driven Strategic Planning Survey”

The Southborough Fire Department is asking the community to participate in their “Customer-Driven Strategic Planning Survey”.

The short survey invites feedback from not only residents, but also “property owners, employees, visitors, and other key stakeholders”. Questions ask participants to prioritize their expectations and desired services from the department.

Strategic Planning can provide valuable guidance and direction to an organization. It also has the ability to communicate the organization’s mission, vision, and priorities to their stakeholders. The Southborough Fire Department understands the importance of strategic planning and has embarked on a formal process that we hope to complete by next year. The foundation of this plan is understanding the needs and expectations of those we serve.

Click here to participate.

The survey does have a little overlap the Town-wide survey issued in early May. If you didn’t participate in that survey, click here for more information.

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