Storm Large will move on in AGT competition

Above: AGT’s panel judged a Southborough native has talent worth sharing with America.

Earlier this week, I shared that a Southborough native auditioned for America’s Got Talent. At that time, the results were a secret. 

Frankly, I doubted Storm Large would be promoting the show on social media if her performance was a total embarrassment.

Still, her cover of “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” was far beyond not-embarrassing. AGT has posted her “Unbelievable” performance as one of the night’s highlights. (See clip above.)

At the audition filmed in March and aired this week, Large got a standing O from judges and their unanimous votes to move on in the competition.

The Telegram continued it’s coverage of the singer, sharing some of the judges’ reactions during Tuesday’s broadcast:

“That was insane. I mean you were like possessed on that stage,” Heidi Klum said after the performance. “I’ve never heard this song this way before. It was incredible.”

Howie Mandel enthused, “You would never know that was a cover … You made me love that song,” while Sofia Vergara said, “I was mesmerized.”

Perhaps most importantly, Simon Cowell said, “You have an amazing voice, an amazing personality, amazing energy.”

You can read their full article here.

Stay tuned for the Live Round phase of AGT, where fans will get a chance to vote their support for acts to move up in the competition. (Fifteen years ago, Large made it to the top five performers in the show Rock Star: Supernova.)

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Jerry C
3 years ago

Wow….she is really good! This is the first time I’ve seen her perform, and I’m very impressed.

Karen Muggeridge
3 years ago
Reply to  Jerry C

China Forbes and Storm have shared the lead vocalist role for a wonderful band, Pink Martini. You can find a lot more of her work on YouTube or other music apps. Have seen them several times and they are great. She is very talented.

Southern Breeze
3 years ago

Like Simon said “Wow”

Shelley M Anderson
2 years ago

Storm is a awesome talent, so happy she resides here in my area. Seen her do many things she had a vast amount of talent and awesome personality.

Something fun!
2 years ago

Local celebrity sighted walking into Mauro’s Cafe! 😉
So much fun to be able to say “local celebrity!”
Hope you’re having a great visit Storm!

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