Severe Thunderstorms possible tonight

Massachusetts is expected to experience severe thunderstorms this afternoon and evening. There’s a good chance we’ll be visited in Southborough before 8:00 pm tonight.

The good news is the storms should help cool things down for tomorrow. The bad news is that tonight’s storms could be “damaging” and isolated thunderstorms will continue to be possible throughout tomorrow.

This morning, Southborough Emergency Management shared a state warning that tonight’s storms could come with damaging wind gusts of 50-70mph, “frequent dangerous lightning, damaging hail and flash flooding rains”. But as of 3:30 pm, the National Weather Service isn’t predicting high gusts in Southborough tonight.

NWS’ latest graph is showing the highest probabilities for thunder and rain from 5:00 – 8:00 pm, then diminishing chances through midnight.

Below is the latest forecast map from NWS on Facebook earlier today:

NWS has also asked the public to remember:

When Thunder Roars Go Indoors

Stop all activities

Seek shelter in a building or hard-topped vehicle

Wait 30 minutes after the storm to resume activities

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