Reminder: Apply for Senior Tax Work-Off Program on Tuesday

Above: The application window for the Town’s the 2021-22 Senior Tax Work-Off program opens this Tuesday. Applications can be picked up at (and must be submitted to) the Southborough Senior Center. (photo by Beth Melo)

Reminder—the application window for the Senior Tax Work-Off Program opens this Tuesday, July 13. The order in which applications are received impacts applicants’ acceptance, so plan accordingly.

Each year, the Town normally offers volunteer positions to residents age 60+ that qualify as service hours in exchange for reduced property taxes.

In 2020, the Town announced that the program would have to be postponed due to the pandemic. On June 23rd, the Town posted to its website that the opportunity will return.

The Town’s website explains that the tax discount will be handled a bit differently than usual due to the late timing:

Applicants can normally complete the entire 78.5 hours of work for a $1000 credit or 117.5 hours of work for a $1500 credit but since we are beginning the program later in the year, participants will be paid for the hours worked up to the $1500. Hours must be completed by March 1, 2022.

The window to apply opens Tuesday, July 13 and closes two weeks from the date (which is July 27). However, it’s a bad idea to procrastinate on this opportunity, which is limited to 30 applicants.

There will be preference for household incomes less than $45K. Applications will be considered in the order in which they were received. (Only if there are remaining slots after the lower income applications are accepted will applications for residents with household incomes over $45K be considered.)

After the application window closes, the Town will work to match accepted applicants to available positions. However, if the accepted applicant is unable to match to a position by August 15th, they will move on to the next qualified applicant.

To qualify, applicants must own and reside in the property that the tax discount will be applied to.

For the full details, including how to apply, click here. You can also pick up the application at the Southborough Senior Center (which is also the site where completed applications should be dropped in a designated box).

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2 years ago

12 dollars an hour

dollars and sense...
2 years ago

For the $1500 figure and the number of hours required to be worked calculates to $18+/hour.

I worked it out based on the $45K income limit in order to see how that balanced against a ~$10K/year “average” Southborough real estate tax bill.

It leaves VERY little for a person trying to live on $45K/year gross income. Figure in costs for food, fuel, utilities, Medicare, supplemental health insurance (including dental), and a very few miscellaneous expenses. “Leftover” money after all items noted above was ~$325/week. One had better hope nothing unexpected occurs.

No picnic.

Mostly ANTS…

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