ARHS surveying public to help identify new mascot

Algonquin Regional High School’s administration is reaching out to the community for feedback as it plans to replace the tomahawk symbol as its mascot.

The district asked me to share an email sent to members of the school community. A survey requests input on qualities and features that the school should consider in a new symbol. It also allows for suggestions for the new mascot. (The window to respond will close at noon on July 30th.)

The survey is open to: current/future/former students, current/former staff members, parents of current/former students, and residents of Northborough and Southborough. You can find it at

Mascot Survey FlyerThe survey responses will be used for a recently created Mascot Renaming Study Group. The group’s charge is to identify 2-3 potential mascots to present to the Regional School Committee. The goal is to have students vote this fall to select one of them as the school’s next mascot.

In late June, the administration sought volunteers for the group. They were seeking:

  • One ARHS faculty member
  • One Booster Club member
  • Two ARHS student-athletes
  • Six ARHS students (Non-student athletes)
  • One Northborough Parent
  • One Southborough Parent

Additional members of the group are: the school’s Principal and Athletic Director, the Asst. Superintendent of Operations, and two Regional School Committee members.

Last week, the group held its first meeting. An update details: 

The goals of the Study Group’s meeting this week were to:

  • provide an overview of the purpose of the Group and the process for meeting the Group objectives
  • initialize a dialog about the purpose of a mascot and what qualities the next mascot of Algonquin should portray
  • determine how best to engage the community in the process of identifying potential mascot options

The agenda for the meeting is here, the slides we reviewed are here, and the minutes of the meeting are here. In the meeting, I provided an overview of our responsibility as a group, and Mr. Bevan provided a brief overview of the ARHS history as it pertains to the mascot. Then, the group engaged in a discussion about the purpose of a mascot and what particular qualities members were hopeful to see reflected in the next mascot. The Group agreed that surveying community members for their input will be a critical next step in the process. The Group agreed to work together to develop a survey to be shared with the community from July 19-30 and to process the resulting data at our next meeting on August 16. The survey will be sent out to the community on Monday, and I am hopeful that you take time then to share your thoughts about our next mascot.

Kieth Lavoie, Asst. Superintendent of Operations, pledged to keep the community informed and encouraged interested community members to reach out:

As I facilitate the Mascot Renaming Study Group’s work, I will keep community members informed in a variety of ways, including sharing updates on the following: a dedicated web page, the school’s social media accounts (Instagram and Twitter), and through emails like this one. If you would like to share your thoughts and perspectives – now or at any point during the period of the Study Group’s work – please email, and your feedback will be noted for the Study Group.

(image from gronkgram insta post)

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