State funding for Southborough infrastructure and public safety equipment

I’m combining two recent announcements on state funds allocated for Southborough. Funding is related to water infrastructure and equipment for public safety departments.

Last week, Representative Carolyn Dykema’s office shared news on the approved state budget for FY22. In addition to touting statewide budget priorities, the release itemized appropriations secured for towns in her district. For Southborough those were $25,000 for water infrastructure improvements and another $25,000 for equipment for the Southborough Fire Department.

This week, Community Advocate reported that the Southborough Police Department secured a state grant for two needed portable radios:

The town received $7,516, one of 40 awards granted to police and fire departments across the state. Financed by the Commonwealth Security Trust Fund (CSTF), a total of $345,337.95 was distributed for equipment, technology, training and planning for first responders. . . 

Paulhus explained that the department lost four older portable radios and two mobile, cruiser radios when the department switched to a digital output a few months ago to improve reception for both police and fire communications.

“We applied to replace all of those units, but are happy to receive the award… at a cost savings to the town,” the chief said in an email, adding that it was a “very competitive” grant process.

He noted that the radios are used for communication with out-of-town officers working details. They’re also used as spares available for special events such as elections, Heritage Day and parades.

In addition, the radios are used for emergency operations, or when other radios are out for repair, Paulhus said.

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What Exactly?
2 years ago

Beth: What water infrastructure improvements? What exactly is this? There is no description nor any mention of the purpose or origin of the request. What is this money being spent on and who requested it? Where can residents read more about this? BOS minutes or some other committee’s minutes? Thank you

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