2021 Food Truck Festival wraps up on Wednesday

Above: Rotary has been bringing food trucks to Southborough this fall. The last 2021 event is this Wednesday. (photo by Beth Melo)

I’m sharing the details on tomorrow night’s Food Truck Festival. The final of the four weekly events is scheduled for 3:30 – 6:30 pm, October 6th, on St. Mark’s Field (at Route 85 & Main Street).

mini book sale flyerAcross the street, on the Library’s front lawn, the Friends of the Southborough Library will hold a mini Book Sale. (One free book per child, no purchase required.)

This week’s main food truck lineup is Anzio’s PizzaTeddy’s Lunch Box, Pangea Cuisine, and Bird’s Nest Italian Street Food. As always, you can top off your meal with a cone or sundae from Trombetta”s Farm Ice Cream Truck. I’ve included some examples of some of vendors’ menu offerings below.* 

Anzio's pizza  Pangea Cuisines Birds Nest Trombettas from insta

As I’ve previously shared, there is no admission charge to attend Southborough Rotary’s festival. In fact, if you donate to the collection drive they are supporting this year, you can get free food in return.
Sweats4Vets Drive
Bring a NE Sports Team themed hoodie or sweatshirt for a $10 food truck voucher from Main Street Bank. (Donated sweatshirts will be distributed to homeless veterans.) For more details on the Sweats4Vets drive, click here.

The collection drive isn’t the only good work Rotary supports. I know they’re also happy to take financial donations from people who want to support their sponsorship efforts.

*(photos: L-R photos cropped from Facebook pages for Anzio’s PizzaTeddy’s Lunch Box, and Pangea Cuisine, Bird’s Nest’s website, and instagram by Trombetta’s Farm)

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