Pilgrim installs Senior Minister

Above: Reverend Eastman was recently installed at Pilgrim Congregational Church (contributed photo)

A Southborough church asked me to share news on a newly installed Senior minister:

Pilgrim Congregational Church in Southborough is thrilled to announce that we have installed Reverend Charley Eastman as our new senior minister. On Sunday, September 19, along with the central Massachusetts branch of the United Church of Christ, we celebrated Charley‘s installation. Reverend Eastman comes to us after serving the Franklin Federated Church for 10 years.

I was unfamiliar with the term “installed”. (Especially, since Reverand Eastman started with the church back in May 2020.)

I heard back:

An installation is when a minister and a church in the United Church of Christ (UCC) enter into the covenant of ministry formally together. It signals that the minister has arrived to do long-term work with the community, and that they will seek God’s will together in their community and beyond. They also establish a covenant with the denomination, the UCC, to provide our blend of welcome and spirituality. As the UCC motto goes, “Wherever you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.”

Apparently, the pandemic resulted in a delay in that process.

For those interested in joining the congregation, the church has weekly in-person services on Sunday mornings at 10 AM. Those services are also livestreamed via Facebook Live Pilgrim Congregational Church Facebook. Join them in person or online. Click here to learn more about them.

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2 years ago

Pilgrim has been floundering since the loss of Jon Wortmann and Julie Cedrone. It is a shame that they are not able to find somebody who relates to people well and has a dynamic personality. Charlie does not have either quality. I know everybody has opinions but the future of Pilgrim does not look bright with the changes they are making. The hiring of a Childrens Minister who is very self serving and appears to only care for the LGBTQ community is a sad path to follow. Equality is wonderful and absolutely necessary, welcome and affirming is amazing, but she is extreme and allowed to run free with her ideas. In addition, the elimination of child care positions from 2 of our beloved members who were always there and knew our children so well, is extremely heartbreaking. One in particular who was there every single Sunday for our children and members was so wonderful to all. She had members seek her out in the early mornings for “therapy” in her child care room. It was a chance to just chat and share feelings and insights together. She is greatly missed as is our other child care provider. While they flounder around trying to find their new path to follow, they will do it without me. This should be a place of peace and happiness and it no longer is for so many.

Kathy O'Donnell
2 years ago
Reply to  resident

Dear Resident – You must not be talking about the Charlie Eastman I know as a pastor and friend. The Southborough church is lucky to have him!

2 years ago

Pilgrim Church is an Open and Affirming Christian community dedicated to spiritual growth and service to others through God’s love. The Church vision statement is Growing Faith. Strengthening Families. Loving All. You can learn more and get involved at https://pilgrimchurch.us.

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