ARHS Class of 2024 invites public to shop Boon fundraiser

Above: Algonquin’s sophomore class is raising funds. They are asking the public to help by shopping for “eco-friendly” products and items “perfect for treating yourself or others”.

Algonquin Regional’s Class of 2024 asked me to help promote their Boon Fundraiser. The class has partnered with Boon Supply for an online shopping opportunity, starting today.

ARHS Class of '24 Fundraiser part 1A flyer promotes how to support the fundraiser now through Sunday, November 21:

  1. [Click here] or scan the QR code [here] to visit our website
  2. Shop Away! There are so many eco-friendly (and aesthetic) alternatives available!
  3. 40% of proceeds will go to the class of 2024, and all orders are shipped within 48 hours – regardless of when you order!ARHS Class of '24 Fundraiser part 2
  4. Share the link with friends or relatives! There are so many different products perfect for treating yourself or others!

The website touts products by the following categories: Gifting, Waste-Free Living, Bags & Organization, Kitchen & Food, Personal Care, and Eco Cleaning

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