Churches offer solace for Christmas Blues – December 19th service (Updated)

This time of year, I post a lot about Christmas celebrations and fun. But for some people, the season brings more sorrow than joy. That’s especially true if you’ve suffered a recent loss or are dealing with a difficult situation.

Every year, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church reaches out to those in the community who need solace during the holiday season. This year, Pilgrim Church is partnering with them to hold a joint service.

The special annual Blue Christmas Service is on December 19th at St. Mark’s Church, 27 Main Street:

O Come, O Come Emmanuel — A Blue Christmas Service
Join St. Mark’s Church on Sunday, December 19 at 7pm for a community wide “Blue Christmas” service that focuses on the coming of Emmanuel into our world.

Not everyone is up and cheery for the Christmas holidays. Dealing with the death of a loved one, facing life after divorce or separation, coping with the loss of a job, living with cancer or some other disease may make the Christmas holidays difficult for some people in our congregation or community.

This quiet service of prayers, readings and candles allows a chance to find solace as we enter the Twelve Days of Christmas. Open to all.

Updated (12/10/21 10:53 am): I updated to reflect that Pilgrim Church is partnering with St Mark’s on this year’s service. I also added the church’s address.

(image from church website)

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