Reminder Noise Bylaw Survey responses due by Sunday

The Committee charged with working on a Noise Bylaw proposal is asking the public to provide some feedback. A survey asks the community about their experiences, annoyances, and opinions related to noises in their neighborhood.

The committee is estimating that answer the survey takes 5-8 minutes.

Questions cover ground that includes:

  • Whether you think there should be a noise bylaw.
  • Which sources of sound “bother, disturb or annoy you” at home?
  • Do area noises disturb your families ability to sleep?
  • What hours (if any) should limit certain activities?
  • Should contractors’ restrictions be treated differently than residents?
  • What exemptions should be considered for restrictions.

Although you’re free to share thoughts here, if you want them to be considered when the committee works on drafting the bylaw, complete the anonymous survey here by Sunday January 2nd.

Once the committee receives feedback, they need to work on a draft bylaw and hold more public forums for feedback, before presenting a final recommendation to the Board of Selectmen in early February.

The goal is to have a proposed bylaw ready to include in the Warrant for voters to consider at Annual Town Meeting in March.

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Kathleen Miller
1 year ago

We have only lived here since April 2021but find road noise day and night, sirens and motorbikes and some very noisy cars, are so loud, that if w have windows open we have to cease conversation with visitors and telephone calls. We often hear the same extremely loud motor bike seemingly from same vehicle same times of day. Also it it often to hear sirens as they go all the way through Southborough several times of day. Yes, they need to make presence aware but surely not incessantly with blue lights flashing and I admit we have needed their help several times so not a case of not appreciating their worth.

bump on a log
1 year ago

Not the best timing to conduct this survey, People are away for the Holidays, or just too busy to respond, Think the deadline should be extended for another 2 weeks

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