Prepare for a big storm Friday night into Sunday morning

Above: The latest forecast from National Weather Service has Southborough getting as much as 12″ of heavy snow and 39 mph wind gusts. There are also much worse scenarios still possible. (image from Facebook)

Southborough Emergency Management is warning the community to prepare for a big storm this weekend.

How big is still up in the air. I had written this morning that I’d wait until closer to the weekend to cover the forecast. But there’s enough likelihood for a large amount of heavy snow and high winds that heeding the call to start planning ahead makes sense.

Here’s the update from Lt. Neal Aspesi earlier this afternoon:

The system, which has not even developed yet, is too far out to know exactly where and severity of impacts will set up. Honestly, at this point, Southborough could receive anywhere between 8” to 36” of snow. Depth will all depend on the final storm track, a shift as little as 50 miles east or west can alter snow totals significantly. Forecasts should become clearer starting tomorrow.

With the potential of a long-duration storm with up to 3 feet of snow and strong winds, it would be beneficial to take a few preparations now. Below are some suggestions:

  • Ensure you have an adequate level of home heating oil and/or propane
  • Fuel up your vehicle(s)
  • Test your flashlights
  • Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Test your generators and review safety and proper operations
  • Test your snowblower and review safety and proper operations
  • Mark the location of all exhaust vents around the foundation of your home, especially direct-vent furnaces.
    • Make sure to keep all vents clear throughout and after (blowing snow) the storm. Blocked vents can result in elevated carbon monoxide levels inside your home

Please stay tuned to local weather sources for forecast updates and adjust your preparations accordingly.

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