Library reopened today – with some contraints

Above: The Library’s new carpet looks great, where it’s installed. Unfortunately, that installation work isn’t quite done. (images cropped from contributed photos)

Today, the Southborough Library reopened its doors to the public. But recarpeting work still in progress will pose some obstacles.

Patrons will be able to use the downstairs rooms without an issue. They’ll also be able and access the front reading room and the Main Desk. But, you won’t be able to browse items in the stacks of the main/upper floor.

Don’t worry, too much though. The staff will be able to retrieve items for patrons upon request. 

You may want to take advantage of that offer. The pending storm will likely mean the Library will have to close for Saturday. If you lose power over the weekend, books are one form of entertainment that doesn’t require electricity (except, maybe a battery powered reading light for after dark enjoyment.)

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