APTO asking for donations to two Post Prom Parties

Above: In pre-pandemic years, the APTO asked for support putting on the JPPP (Junior Post Prom Party). This year, with the hopeful return of prom, they are looking for donations to support two parties. (edited from 2019 fundraising image)

For decades, the APTO* has organized a post-prom party to help make the special night a safe one for Algonquin students. This spring, their challenge has doubled. Two ARHS classes will be holding their proms.

One is the traditional Junior Prom. The other is a celebration for seniors postponed from their junior year. The APTO is seeking to support both classes, and looking for donations to help.

Past Post Prom Parties have been an overnight extravaganzas jam packed with “can’t miss” entertainment. (For context, you can read about the details of the 2019 post-prom party here.) 

I asked about this year’s fundraising goals. Parents for each class have yet to decide. (The Junior class is currently surveying parents to get a better idea of what level of support to expect this year.) Based on past years’ calls for support, it has typically cost the APTO about $15,000 to put on one event.

If you’d like to support, you can donate via a dedicated PayPal page (here). On it, you can choose whether to support the Senior Prom, Junior Prom, or either prom.

In addition to the PPPs, the APTO is always seeking general support for programs:

APTO relies on parent donations to support our efforts such as teacher appreciation events, Junior Post Prom Party, Senior Scholarships, and the Ice Cream Social. Donations of $50 or more throughout your student’s time at Algonquin will qualify your son or daughter to apply for a Senior Scholarship. If you are interested in donating, please visit: Donations

I asked whether, for Algonquin families, donations to the Post-Prom events will be counted towards the $50 threshold. The board hasn’t voted, but appears to be leaning towards no.

*APTO is the Algonquin Parent Teacher Organization. You can learn more about them and get involved here.

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