Teens can sign up to learn Job Interview skills

Southborough Recreation is offering a course for teens that may be planning to seek their first job or an important internship. To prepare for interviews this spring, Rec is offering a class led by an expert in protocol and etiquette.

The Rec website points out:

Interview prep flyerInterviewing can be challenging for students especially when they haven’t interviewed before. However, putting one’s best foot forward during an interview is a critical step towards landing a great job during high school, and a valuable skill to develop for the future. Parents, think back to your first job interview. Did you know what to expect or say? Interviewing can be a stressful experience for teens whether they are looking for their first job or going to their first college interview.

The Workshop promises to teach:

self-presentation skills and important talking points to help succeed at an interview. Topics Include: what to do before the interview, know your resume, your elevator pitch, dressing for success, how to make a good first impression, common interview questions, questions you can ask, and more.

The offering is for students in grades 8-12. It will be held on Tuesday, March 29th 4:00 – 5:30 pm at the Southborough Senior Center. The charge is $75.

The course will be run by Nikki Sawhney, the Director and Founder of the New England School of Protocol. Her website bio describes her as:

the Director and Founder of the New England School of Protocol and provides workshops and classes in social skills, dining etiquette and modern manners to children, teenagers and adults. Nikki is a graduate of the prestigious American School of Protocol in Atlanta, Georgia where she received professional training earning Certification in Corporate, Business and Children’s Etiquette. She has also trained under William Hanson, a British etiquette expert and a tutor for the international protocol and hospitality consultancy firm The English Manner. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and has worked in finance on Wall Street and in the retail industry. . .

she has seen first-hand how social etiquette and the way we interact with others has a profound effect on the world around us. Through the New England School of Protocol, Nikki teaches children how to convey confidence, courtesy, and social grace. She believes that etiquette instills a sense of self-awareness and mutual respect. Her classes and workshops inspire children to reach their highest potential.

To register, click here.

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