Southborough Police Chief on leave

On Monday morning, Southborough’s Police Chief was placed/went on leave. I have very few details at this stage. The Town and Chief Kenneth Paulhus have not publicly commented on the matter.

I can confirm that Southborough Police Lieutenant Ryan Newell is currently the Acting Chief.

On Saturday morning, an agenda was posted for a Select Board meeting to take place on Monday morning. The “Emergency” meeting was a Closed Executive Session. The agenda stated:

The Board will be entering into Executive Session pursuant to Open Meeting Law (Chapter 30A Section 21 (a)(1)) – To discuss the reputation, character, physical condition or mental health, rather than professional competence, of an individual, or to discuss the discipline or dismissal of, or complaints or charges brought against, a public officer, employee, staff member or individual. (Open Session could result)

The opening of the meeting was briefly live streamed, with Town Counsel, and Chief Paulhus in attendance as the Select Board voted to enter Executive Session. That video was subsequently taken down from the Remote Meetings YouTube page. The meeting did not appear to return to an open session.

Later, I heard that the Chief’s equipment was retrieved and he was placed on leave following the meeting. I reached out to Lisa Braccio, Chair of the Select Board, and Mark Purple, the Town Administrator to ask if that was accurate and if they had a statement. Purple emailed, “We have no comment at this time.”

The Select Board didn’t make a statement about the issue in their regular meeting last night.

(I tried to reach out to Chief Paulhus to see if he had a statement. I haven’t heard back. However, it’s possible that his work cell phone was turned in to the Town and I don’t have his personal phone number.)

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Concerned resident
2 years ago

This seems to be a bigger deal than the town is letting on about. If you ask any single one of the police officer’s in this town you will know how insanely out of line Chief Paulhus has been for years.

2 years ago

I’ve paid the Chiefs ticket, now spill the beans as to why he’s been placed on leave. We have a right to know, now. Not bad enough we built the Starship Enterprise, for him, to the tune of $27 million, then he turns around and needs to out source the emergency calls to a regional call center. Is this the Twilight Zone, or a Fellini movie.

2 years ago

The star ship enterprise ? You think the old building was suited for public safety and a good representation of Southboro? LoL That old public safety complex was a disgrace. I’m all for “spilling the beans” about the police chief but let’s not stir the pot about the cost of the public safety building and discrediting the rest of the hard working men and woman of the Southboro Police. And don’t exaggerate- the 27 million- that was not solely for the police station budget. It’s the entire public safety complex. Let’s hope the next pick for a police Chief is well thought out and a good pick for Southboro.

Mary Canty
2 years ago
Reply to  Northeast21

Well said. Amen

2 years ago

Do we have any further news on this issue? Seems concerning that nothing is being reported, not even a statement from the powers that be. We as taxpayers pay his salary and have the right to know not necessarily details but what kind of leave and if we should anticipate a law suit. I seem to remember the last law suit in the police department cost us about half a million dollars. Time for Mr. Purple and the BOS to pony up some info.

Louis Kuchnir
2 years ago

Thanks, Beth, for persistently inquiring and forthrightly reporting. I’m as curious as the other commenters, but perhaps less indignant about the delay in our learning the details. Southborough’s finest have always impressed me. Our town’s elected leaders should confidently continue to count on us to trust their judgement.

EJ Herard
2 years ago

It has been almost 2 months since
the last comment has been made about
Chief Paulhus put on “leave”
What is going on with this issue?
Is this a paid Leave?

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