Kids can catch trout at 118-120 Turnpike ponds

Above: Across from the reservoir along Route 9, there’s now another place for families to fish. (images L-R from Google maps and contributed)

Ferris Companies has issued a public invitation for kids to fish their ponds. 

When our kids were young, they tried their hand at fishing at Southborough’s reservoirs and Hopkinton State Park. They never really got a nibble. Who knew that fishing would be better in an office park?

Resident David Ferris reached out with the invitation. He announced that they’ve stocked up their ponds at 118-120 Turnpike Road with hundreds of 12-16″ Rainbow and Brown Trout.

118-120 Turnpike Road ponds from Google Maps (contributed photo)

Now, he’s inviting families to bring their kids to fish. They’re even willing to provide the fishing equipment. (Though you may want to bring a cooler.):

Kids are welcome to come fish any day of the week. They don’t need a license and can keep up to two fish a day. They are edible and are great to eat.

If any child or doesn’t have a fishing rod my company Ferris Development left a locker with spare fishing rods and lures the lobby of 120 TURPIKE Rd that can be used and returned after use.

If there are any questions they can come to the 3rd floor of 118 TURPIKE during week days and speak to someone in the office.

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Steve Prior
1 year ago

This is Awesome!! Such a a wonderful thing to do!

1 year ago

This is so kind! Thank you, David Ferris, for such a fun, wholesome activity for the kids to do over summer.

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