Best summer daytrips to explore colleges

I'm re-sharing tips on how to make college visits fun over the summer

Above: Photo and caption by Alyssa Borelli, “Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI, was one of my favorite college road trips. Take the stress out of college visits by treating them more like “mini-vacations.” 

Summer is a great time for families with teens starting to think about college to explore options. Several years ago, a MySouthborough intern wrote up her suggestions for choices to turn regional college tours into entertaining summer daytrips.

Below are the thoughts Southborough native Alyssa Borelli shared in July 2014. Looking it over, her tips seem to hold up, so I’m sharing it again. If any readers have tips for fun ways to enhance trips to other colleges within a couple of hours radius, please share them in the comments.

‘Tis the season for college road trips – for some parents and their teens. These road trips can be treated like “mini-vacations” during the summer between junior and senior year of high school.

My siblings and I took day trips to local area colleges, some ranging from in the White Mountains of New Hampshire to the suburbs of Hartford, Conn. Wherever your soon-to-be high school graduate chooses to tour, it’ll leave lasting memories.

Here’s a roundup of my top “mini-vacation” college day trips:

  1. Roger Williams University located in Bristol, RI, was my favorite college visits. Located just under the Mt. Hope bridge it has scenic waterfront views. After the campus tour, head to the 464 acre Colt State Park, where there are plenty of picnic tables, walking trails, and a small beach. Admission and parking is free. Then, explore downtown Bristol, where there’s a plethora of locally-owned specialty shops.
  2. Located within a short driving distance are colleges in Worcester – there’s a bunch (i.e. Worcester State, Holy Cross, Assumption, WIP, Clark, etc.) Schedule one tour in the morning, head to one of the many local eateries for lunch, or bakeries in Worcester, and then tour another school in the afternoon. (My sister and I were exhausted after touring two schools in one day, but it was totaling worth it). 
  3. Another beautiful waterfront campus is Endicott College in Beverly. Explore some of the beaches and parks in the North Shore after the tour.

Although, there might not be the hustle and bustle of students on an average day, some admission offices, if not, most offer summer tours. (I highly recommend taking advantage of summer tours. Sometimes, the groups are much smaller and more tailored to your area of interest.)

And don’t forget to wear a good pair of walking shoes!

Have you visited any college campuses this summer? If so, where? 

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