Avoid a spike in winter electric bills

With NGrid winter supplier rates spiking, the Town is reminding residents of the Community Aggregate alternative options

Above: The regular supply rate for the municipal aggregate utility program through the next year is about ⅓ the default rate National Grid customers will soon be charged.

Anyone who’s electricity is supplied by National Grid should take a look at alternative options before a November 1st rate change. (Especially if you have electric heat!)

The Town is warning residents about an upcoming rate spike and reminding of the discount options available through our aggregate utility program.

While National Grid is the only game in town for delivering electricity, customers are always encouraged to contract with other vendors for the “Supply Services” section of the monthly bill.

In 2018, the Town launched a municipal program that leverages the large group of customers to lock in favorable electricity rates for long periods of time. That January, anyone who wasn’t already under a special power provider contract and didn’t opt out was automatically enrolled into Southborough Community Power Choice. According to the Town’s announcement, about 2/3 of residents are currently using the plan.*

Last month, NGrid announced that its winter supply rates will increase to 34¢ x kwh.** (Their website warns of a 64% increase over last winter’s bills.) The Town is alerting residents of the coming spike and pointing out the savings available through Southborough’s aggregate plan.

Power Choice customers will be charged 10.99¢ x kwh. (Even the more expensive “Green Choice” is a fraction of National Grid’s supply rate.) The rate is locked in until December 2024 (although customers can un-enroll at any time, effective meter read dates).

If you’re already enrolled in Power Choice and want to stay that way, no action is necessary. If you aren’t enrolled and are interested in joining, you can find more information here. If you aren’t sure if Power Choice rates are the best option for you, you can take advantage of the program’s online calculator to help you decide.

More information is available at on the program website at MassPowerChoice.com/Southborough or from customer support with the town’s program consultants at 1-833-272-9591.

Residents are also free to research and pursue other alternative suppliers.

*If you are already signed up under Southborough Community Power Choice the vendor should be listed as “First Point Power (Southborough Aggregation)” on page 3 of the National Grid electric bills under Supply Services.

**The good news is that the electric company is promoting that its delivery rates will stay “essentially flat” this winter.

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