Help Fund the Southborough Food Pantry’s Holiday Drive

The Southborough Food Pantry's latest donation drive is an online fundraiser to help their clients through the holidays.

The Southborough Food Pantry has launched an online donation site. Their goal is to raise $5,000 to help them buy needed food and supplies.

The non-profit is promoting a Holiday Drive:

The mission of the Pantry is to help our neighbors and church parishioners who are struggling to provide meals for their families. Monetary donations are crucial to allow us to continue our work.
This year has been particularly tough for many families. Please consider donating to our 2022 Holiday Drive so we can make the holidays a bit brighter for our community members who are in need.

Those who donate online will get an emailed response for their records, confirming their donation to the 501(c)3.

The Pantry’s Director Bev Dantz tells me that their client families have more than doubled since 2019. The Pantry now serves nearly 150 people. 

Through the pandemic, the community was generous with its donations. But that has considerably dropped over time. Meanwhile prices have continued to rise. That’s led to greater struggles for clients and bigger challenges for the Pantry to purchase items to help.

The Pantry always welcomes food donations, but their space to store excess goods is very limited. That’s restricted their ability to encourage traditional large community food drives. They have been asking the public to only donate what is on their current needs lists. (Along with inflation, that may have also contributed to the decline in food donations.)

By raising funds, Pantry organizers will be able to purchase the inventory they need as they need it.

Previously, people could only donate financially by mailing gift cards or checks to the United Parishes of Southborough (who run the Pantry). A new online donation site makes supporting the Pantry easier. You can donate using your credit card. (There are even options for donating one time or setting up weekly/monthly contributions.)

For more information about the Southborough Food Pantry, click here.

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