Snow Day: January 23, 2023 (Updated)

Library opening late; Knights of Columbus Free Throw

I just got the too-early morning official call. Looks like there’s no public school in Southborough (and Northborough) today.

That means the Senior Center and any other program that mimics the school’s policy is also closed.

For those of you keeping track – this is the first snow day this school year, pushing the last day of school to Wednesday, June 21st.

In mid-November, Superintendent Gregory Martineau posted information about the school’s process for determining when to delay or cancel school. His message noted:

While our goal is to remain in session, the safety of our students and staff is our highest priority. . . Like weather forecasting, the school-closing decision process is not a perfect science.

You can read the FAQs on how and when the decision is made here.

I’ll update you later on the Town House, Library, etc. For now, I’m going back to bed!

Updated (1/23/23 10:52 am):

  • The Southborough Library announced a delayed opening – 1:00 pm today. 
  • The Knights of Columbus are postponing tonight’s Freethrow Competition to a date TBD.

Worth noting —In my home, this morning’s alerts didn’t come to both parents, to my cell phone as they have in the past. My oldest also was puzzled that Algonquin students didn’t get an email (and nothing showed up on social media, on the school’s website). I followed up with Superintendent Gregory Martineau.

He noted that for the first time, the alerts were sent by the district’s new communication app for parents — Parent Square. The alerts that I received to my home phone and email were based on the primary number and email for my account in that app. That appears to mean that any parents who haven’t signed up for an account yet didn’t get the notifications. (So if you didn’t get an alert and have a student in the schools, you should sign up for Parent Square.) Though, I do think it odd that a notification wasn’t posted to Parent Square for anyone who went to the site or opened the app.

Martineau did agree that it makes sense for the high school students to also receive an alert and said that he has asked for that to happen in the future.

(Finally, I also want to acknowledge that I know the template photo for my snow day posts doesn’t at all match the view out our windows this morning!)

(Photo by Susan Fitzgerald)

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