Apply for a Rotary Scholarship before April 10th (Updated)

The Rotary Club of Southborough is offering a $4,000 scholarship to a state school

The Southborough Rotary Club has is promoting its scholarship for high school students from Southborough.

The winning student will receive $1,000 per year to help attend a 4-year Massachusetts state college or university. Applicants will be judged on academic achievements and public service.

Here is an excerpt from Rotary’s announcement:

$4,000 College Scholarship

With education a key Area of Focus for Rotary International, the Rotary Club of Southborough has been pleased to offer the Rotary Annie Sattersfield Memorial Scholarship for more than 40 years to Southborough students.

Sattersfield Scholarship is a $4,000 grant to a Southborough high school senior planning to attend one of the State of Massachusetts’ colleges of universities in the upcoming fall. The recipient receives $1,000 a year, for 4 years, towards college tuition. It is available only to all high school seniors who live in the Town of Southborough. Both academic achievement and commitment to public service are considered in the selection of the recipient.

Interested applicants can read more details in the application form here

The deadline has been extended to April 10th for Rotary to receive applications. But, students must go through their guidance departments. So, I’d advise not waiting until the 10th to submit their part of the application!*

*Updated (3/13/23 9:56 am): The initial deadline I was given was April 1st. Rotary provided an updated form this morning, reflecting their decision to extend the deadline to give students more time to apply. The application specifies that forms must be submitted through students’ high school guidance counselors, who “must complete last part of form and ensure that final completed form is delivered to the Rotary Club of Southborough no later than 04/10/2023.”

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