Southborough Community Garden plots available

Residents can pay for use of a gardening plot on Breakneck Hill Conservation Land

Above: John Gulbankian plowing the community garden many springs ago (contributed photo)

Southborough is getting ready to divvy up Community Garden plots again on Breakneck Hill Conservation Land.

The public is invited to buy spots to plant veggies, herbs, or annual flowers.

Residents can request one or two plots (sized 10′ x 20′) for only $30 per plot.

There are several rules outlined about allowed gardening practices and required maintenance of plots, but none appear to be new this year.

The ban on any pesticides that was implemented last year still stands:

No pesticides allowed, organic or otherwise. The community gardens abuts Beecology were Dr. Robert Gegear leads a research team on at-risk native bumblebees. Using pesticides puts those bumblebees at further risk. If gardeners identify an insect infestation, they should handpick them and drop them in a jar of soapy water.

In addition, due to concerns about invasive jumping worms, no soil can be brought into the gardens. Plus, gardeners are cautioned to remove blights or diseased plants, “do NOT compost them”.

Plots will be assigned based on the date stamped in the envelope by the US Post office.

For details or to sign up, click here to open the pdf. You can also pick up a printed form at the Southborough Library (on the bench in the Judy Williams Reading Room upstairs and on the Community Information Table to the right when you first walk in downstairs) or the Conservation office (9 Cordaville Road/the Southborough Senior Center). For more information, email

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