Fay free Saturday events for kids – May 13

"Saturday's at Fay" featuring Hero Kids Sports and "Innovation Saturday" hands-on workshops are followed by an Open House for FaySummer camps

Above: Fay School is inviting children to free sports and engineering design events to encourage swinging by the camp’s open house. (images above and below cropped from Fay School and HERO’s websites)

Fay School is offering free events for kids ages 3-6 and 8-12 on Saturday, May 13th, just prior to the Open House for their summer camp.

For the older kids, there are Innovation hands-on Innovation Workshops. The younger set can enjoy a sports and games.

Programs take place on Saturday, May 13th at 10:00 am.

While participation is free for the public, pre-registration is required and attendance is limited.

Saturdays at Fay – HERO Kids Sports

This one hour event is for children ages 3-6. (It will be moved indoors in the case of inclement weather.)

Join us outside for a fun, high-energy morning with HERO Kids Sports. Coaches from HERO Kids Sports will lead children through warm-up exercises, an obstacle course, and other sports and games.

For details and to register, click here.

Innovation Saturdays at Fay School

Innovation Workshops images from Fay websiteThe private school promotes:

Join Fay School faculty members for free, hands-on innovation workshops, designed for children ages 8-12. The workshops will take place on the Fay campus in Southborough and are a great way to learn more about engineering and design thinking.

The following 2 hour sessions are each limited to 10 students:

Balloon Flying Saucers
Ages 8-12

The year is 2069. Your mission: to create a vehicle that runs on nothing but air. Your challenge is to figure out the best way to design and implement this ambitious idea in the real world! Join us as we design and create hovercrafts and then refine them to maximize distance and speed. Students will learn about design and scientific processes, explore the mathematics behind calculating speed, and race to see who can make the fastest vehicle!

Moose on the Move: Build Your Own Boat!
Ages 8-12

Your mission: to propel a moose (don’t worry, a small toy moose, not a live one!) across a body of water without touching the moose itself! Join Fay teachers Emily McCauley and Katie Buteau for an action-packed design-and-build activity where you’ll learn about flotation, propulsion, and how to iterate and improve your invention!

Space Suit Design Challenge
Ages 8-12

Get ready, NASA….Fay’s designers are on the job! Your mission is to design a spacesuit that can help maintain the body temperature of an astronaut in the extreme heat and cold of outer space. You’ll be using water-filled “Space Worms” as test subjects that mimic the water composition of the adult human body. Build a budget, design and test your spacesuit, and get ready for a hands-on experience that’s out of this world!

Intro to Coding: Create Animations and Games
Ages 9-12

Learn the fundamentals of coding and how to create your own animations and games in this introduction to Processing, a free and flexible software sketchbook and coding language. We’ll also be working with LEGO SPIKE Prime sets to help students understand how to create a structured sequence of programming activities in a real-world context.

For more details and to register, click here.

FaySummer camp 2022 photos cropped from website with permissionFaySummer Camp Open House

FaySummer is a day camp for pre-school (age 3) through grade 9 on the private school’s campus. The open house will run from 11:00 a – 1:00 pm. 

Attendees can learn more about the programs and options for this summer and “experience FaySummer”. The event includes a tour to see where campers spend their days. Parents and kids can also participate in camp activities with counselors.

Click here to learn more and RSVP.

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