Photo Gallery: YES! Art Contest winners

Check out what kids love about Southborough

Above: The public is invited to see how young contest winners depicted what they love about their hometown. (photo by Beth Melo)

This spring, the community can view our town through the lens of fifteen 1st-8th grade artists.

The paintings and drawings were selected from a contest that invited kids to express what they love about Southborough.

Canvases of the reproduced works will be part of the exhibit at next week’s Celebrate Wellness reception at the Community House. Afterwards, they will be distributed for display across a dozen locations in town.

In February, Neary School Art teacher Denise Johnson announced the Yes! Art Contest for youth, funded by a grant from Southborough Cultural Arts Council. she promoted:

YES! Art Contest is all about YOU (& Your Town )
Youth Expressions of Southborough is a chance to share what you love about Southborough.
Is it…
The natural beauty of our town–the bodies of water, trails, fields & forests?
Specific events–parades, exhibits, fairs, concerts, & celebrations?
Certain places–your neighborhood, school, library, church, playgrounds?
The people–neighbors, teams & coaches, scouting friends/leaders, or public figures such as police, teachers, firefighters, librarians? . . .

Earlier this month, a video was posted to highlight the selected works and the artists’ explanations. You can view that here.

The public is invited to attend the art exhibit at the Celebrate Wellness event on Wednesday, May 31st from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at 28 Main Street (across the street from the Food Truck Festival). For details, click here

Yesterday, Johnson held a photo op to congratulate the winning artists.

Below is a list of artists along with my photos of them with their work. (Click on thumbnails to enlarge):

Charlie Sellers, Santa Sees Southborough (photo by Beth Melo)“Santa Sees” by 1st grader Charlie Sellers (to be displayed at the Southborough Senior Center)

Bennett Greene, Woodward in the Fall (photo by Beth Melo)“Woodward in the Fall” by 2nd grader Bennett Greene (to be displayed at Woodward School)

Mia Gaziani, Woodward School (photo by Beth Melo)“Woodward School 2023” by 3rd grader Mia Graziani (to be displayed at Woodward School)

Revati Nath, Sunny Stroll (photo by Beth Melo)“Sunny Stroll” by 3rd grader Revati Nath (to be displayed at Finn School)

Eli Martin, Grassy Hill (photo by Beth Melo)“Grassy Hill” by 4th grader Eli Martin (to be displayed at Youth & Family Services)

Lucy Gardner, Mauro’s Cafe (photo by Beth Melo)“Mauro’s Cafe” by 5th grader Lucy Gardner (to be displayed at Mauro’s Cafe)

Rushil Kumbhojkar, I Love My Southborough (photo by Beth Melo)“I Love My Southborough” by 5th grader Rushil Kumbhojkar (to be displayed at the Town House)

Aanya Rustgi & Sarina Sethi, Love is Beautiful - with Chief Newell (photo by Beth Melo)“Love is Beautiful” by 5th graders Aanya Rustgi & Sarina Sethi (to be displayed at the Police Department)

Chief Achilles with Maria Glaser, The Swans (photo by Beth Melo)“The Swans” by 6th grader Maria Glaser (to be displayed at the Fire Department)

Ruslana Matveeva, Rainbow Library (photo by Beth Melo)“Rainbow Public Library” by 6th grader Ruslana Matveeva (to be displayed at the Southborough Library)

Lillian Bertonazzi, Swans in Spring (photo by Beth Melo)“Swans in Spring” by 8th grader Lillian Bertonazzi (to be displayed at Trottier Middle School)

The following artists weren’t in attendance, but their paintings were:

Southborough Library's Marianna Sorensen and Director Ryan Donovan (painting right is My Favorite Place by Heather Blore) (photo by Beth Melo)“My Favorite Place” (held in photo by Library Director Ryan Donovan) by 7th grader Heather Blore (to be displayed at the Southborough Library)

Winning submissions held by the young artists (and Denise Johnson, Chief Newell, Chief Achilles,  Ryan Donovan and Marianna Sorensen)“The Place of Dreams” (held by Denise Johnson on far left) by 5th grader Joanna Allcott (to be displayed at Neary School) and “Goosie” (held by Chief Achilles in center back) by 5th grader Myra Tyagi (to be displayed at the NSBORO Superintendent’s Office at Neary School) 

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