Book a field trip at Chestnut Hill Farm

Above: The Trustees are encouraging educators and groups to consider Southborough’s working farm as a site for customized educational trips. (images cropped from flyer)

Chestnut Hill Farm is promoting field trip programs for preK-5th graders, homeschoolers, and youth groups this school year.

Unlike the Chestnut Hill Farm events for the general public scheduled this Sept & October, the field trip details are based on each group’s needs.

The Trustees tout the trips to the Southborough farm as:

Field Trips at Chestnut Farm flyerCustomizable
We coordinate with teachers to craft a unique experience.

Students will have a memorable, immersive taste of life on a farm.

Field trip curriculum is aligned with Massachusetts curricular standards.

On that last note, the website further details:

Our programs are designed by a MA-licensed educator and experienced classroom teacher. Cross-curricular standards including science, math, social studies and language arts are authentically imbued into the program, through the lens of experiential farm-based education.

The website also paints a pretty picture for the nature kids can explore on the farm:

The Trustees Chestnut Hill Farm in Southborough features scenic woodlands and rolling hills that are true to its heritage as a working farm, saved from development in the 1960s through the dedication of a local family. Stone walls frame fields and pastures across 170 acres. Loop trails wind through upland forests and along the edges of freshwater wetlands. Designated bird reserves allow for safe nesting habitat for Bobolinks, Eastern Meadowlarks, and other ground-nesting species beneath a wide-open sky. The farm is a designated Monarch Waystation for the native milkweed that grows in the pastures, and is certified organic, using no pesticides. Sheep and chickens are raised for the meat CSA, and the pick-your-own crop field supports the vegetable CSA. A herd of friendly goats keep invasive weeds in check and bring lots of smiles to our visitors.

To learn more about the options, click here to “tell [them] about your group and begin a conversation”.

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