SOLF Presents: How Do You “Do” the Woods?

The latest in a local nature series contributed by the Southborough Open Land Foundation

Above: (photo contributed by SOLF)

[This post is part of a special guest series focused on appreciating nature in Southborough, contributed by the Southborough Open Land Foundation (SOLF), a non-profit dedicated to preserving and stewarding natural resources here in town.]

How Do You “Do” the Woods?

Do you walk briskly for exercise?
Do you go with a friend for a time to chat?
Do you jog or run?
Walk slowly, stopping often to look at things?
Take a picnic?
Make a little stack of rocks?
Take Pictures or sketch?
Sit and meditate?
All of the above?
None of the above?!

I am a slow walker. I stop often to look at my favorite things: moss, ferns, holes in trees, lichens on boulders, fungi etc. -whatever catches my eye. I take pictures. I use the iNaturalist and Merlin apps so I can learn about what I found. I wonder about things I see and hear: Why is that tree bent part way up? What is that odd thing hanging from a twig? What kind of animal track is that? What bird am I hearing that is unfamiliar? I find that the more I look, the more I begin to see.

It all starts with stopping!

Walking in the woods makes me feel better. When I enter a trail, I feel an immediate sensation of relief. I have escaped the busyness, stress and distraction of a road. I feel genuine comfort of being with trees. After an hour or so I often feel that I want to just stay there.

I apply insect repellant except in winter.

How do you do the woods?

Deborah Costine McAdow
Southborough Open Land Foundation trustee, artist and nature enthusiast

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