SPD asks residents to report unregistered solicitors offering massages

The Southborough Police issued a warning and update about bizarre incidents in town involving two “young males” allegedly posing as solicitors, offering massages at what sounds like aggressive door-to-door interactions. 

Yesterday morning, the SPD posted a warning that was later updated to add:
The solicitors have been identified, due to this FB post. We appreciate the help with this and we intend to follow up on our end. Thank you!
The initial post described a strange complaint from a resident that was later apparently confirmed as similar to an incident captured on another resident’s security footage:
Yesterday afternoon a resident called to report solicitors had just left her residence. The resident stated that there was loud knocking at the front door, and then she heard her name being yelled out. The resident stated that she was met at the front door by two young males; one had dirty blonde curly hair and that the other had brown hair and a hat. The resident stated that she observed a form of identification hanging from their shirt but did not remember a company name. She stated that she advised them that they had no soliciting signs on their residence. They stated they were not soliciting but offering important information. She then asked if they were registered in the town, they stated they had registered. She advised the responding officer that one of the unknown males allegedly offered her a “free back massage”, which she (understandably) found inappropriate. The resident stated they were operating a gray/silver sedan.
In a follow up conversation, the resident advised SPD that after the incident, she had posted about what happened on a Southborough Facebook group. Another neighbor reportedly had a similar incident occur at their resident while they were not home. Their Ring Doorbell camera captured the similar incident at their residence. The officer reviewing the ring video footage observed that the males appeared to be solicitors and were carrying tablets. In the video they were knocking loudly on the door and yelling out the homeowner’s name. The officer also observed that their vehicle appeared to be a two-door Volvo sedan color silver. Unfortunately, a license plate attached to the vehicle was not visible. None of the registered solicitors matched the description of the unknown males in the video.
Anyone with any information regarding these solicitors is asked to contact Det. Jeff Norton at jnorton@southboroughma.com or (508) 485-2121. Thank you!

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Kelly Roney
21 days ago

A reminder: people who go door to door for politics or religion are protected by the First Amendment and are specifically exempted by our bylaw from registering.

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