Non-Renewal of Algonquin Teacher’s Contract Ignites Student Backlash

Above: ARHS students are lobbying to “save” the job of a teacher who the administration is seeking to replace. (image copied from petition)

Algonquin students have taken action after finding out that math teacher Benjamin Burger has not been asked to return for the 2024-2025 school year.

It is important to note that when asked about the decision, Principal Bevan said he was unable to comment on the decision for Burger not to be re-hired as it was a personnel matter. 

On May 1, an online petition was made by junior Ryan Roman that advocates for Burger’s position entitled “Save Mr. Burger’s Job as a Teacher at Algonquin Regional”. That same day, NSBORO HR posted that it was hiring for a full-time math teacher at Algonquin, “Starting Date: Immediately.”

The petition on reads:

Over the past 2 years, the students and faculty of Algonquin Regional have had the pleasure of sharing an institution with Mr. Ben Burger. He has, and shall continue to, put his heart and soul into his job at this school, whether it’s as a teacher assisting his students, or as coach of one of the multiple sports teams he leads. The end of Mr. Burger’s time here, means the end of a positive and uplifting influence that should continue to roam the halls.

As of May 21, the petition has 677 signatures from students and community members alike.

Comments on the post show the importance and impact that Burger has had on the student body.

One student wrote:

Out of my 4 years at Algonquin Mr Burger has been the most influential teacher I’ve had. He knows how to not only teach his students, but makes them interested. He is constantly supporting every student, even if he’s never had them. He creates a safe environment and an enjoyable class. He’s constantly encouraging his students, and players.

In addition to his job as a math teacher, Burger coaches the Freshman baseball team. It is unclear whether or not he would continue to coach.

An article included in the Algonquin Harbinger when Burger first started working at the high school two years ago shows Burger’s commitment to the community.

A quote reads: “I really enjoy getting to know all my students,” Burger said. “Getting to know faculty members, administrators, counselors and all the new fun faces is definitely my highlight.”

A further way that students are attempting to gain support for their cause is by creating an Instagram account


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Although the future impact of the students’ response remains unclear, it reflects their engagement and advocacy for faculty they respect.

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