Summer Camps: Summer Fun, Soccer, Hoops, Robots, Ceramics, and more

Above: Rec’s Summer Camp is just one of multiple options in town this summer. (images from brochure)

Southborough schools get out for the summer in just over a week. So, I’m reminding readers of the summer camp options in town.

My post will focus on the options made available by the towns and public schools.

But I should also note that Southborough’s two private schools are also again holding camps. I’m not digging into their details this year, but each offer both general and specialty options and you can learn more here:

Specialty Camps

Before you sign kids up for a general summer camp, you may want to know what special 1-2 week opportunities there are in our community this summer.

ARHS Track & Field

This one for K-8 kids actually overlaps with the end of school, taking place evenings next week (5:00 – 7:45 pm, Monday, June 10th – Friday the 14th). To read more about the program, click here.

Southborough Rec summer programs

In chronological order, these are the special camps (Mon-Fri unless otherwise specified) that Town Rec is offering this summer. (Private camps also have specialty offerings, but those are usually throughout the summer.)

[To register for these, you need to have an account for each child’s profile. You can manage that here.]

  • Coach ID’s Summer Hoops Clinic — for grades 4-8, July 1st – 3rd (Mon-Wed, 9:00 am – noon) at Fayville Park Basketball Court (click here)
  • Circuit Lab — for kids entering grades 4-7, July 8th – 12th (9:00 am – 3:45 pm) at Rec Dept, 21 Highland St (click here)
  • Best Soccer (July Session) — options for 3-14 yr olds, July 8th – 12th at Neary Elementary School (click here)
  • Battle Robots with RoboThink — for 7-14 yr olds, July 15th – 19th (9:00 am – noon) at Rec Dept, 21 Highland St (click here)
  • Ceramics — for 10-14 yr olds, July 22nd -26th (9:00 am – noon) at Rec Dept, 21 Highland St (click here)
  • Summer Chess Club — for 6-12 yr olds, August 5th – 9th (9:00 am – noon) at Rec Dept, 21 Highland St (click here)
  • Skyrise Musical “All Hands on Deck” — for 5-12 yr olds, August 12th – 16th (8:30 am – 2:30 pm) at Trottier Middle School (click here)
  • Best Soccer (August Session) — options for 3-14 yr olds, August 12th – 16th at Neary Elementary School (click here)
  • Top Secret Kids: Hands on Science — for kids entering grades K-5, August 19th – 23rd at Rec Dept, 21 Highland St (click here)

Public Summerlong Day Camps

Southborough Recreation

The Town’s day camps will run Monday – Fridays from June 24th through August 16th (except for July 3rd & 4th).* There are a few weeks that are full for at least one age group. But unlike the past two years, overall registration didn’t quickly fill up this spring.

Before signing up, you may want to look at what Rec’s specialized offerings are this summer – to avoid schedule conflicts with other programs your kids may be interested in. (Scroll down for those.)

As for what Rec camp itself offers, the Town promotes:

Southborough Recreation Summer Camp exposes children to a wide variety of programming on site and off site. From traditional activities such as sports, arts and crafts, and special events, to off-site visits to surrounding Southborough facilities, your child will enjoy an active summer with friends!

The camps are split by age group as of the beginning of camp.

The pricing I include below is for the full day weeks. (Week 2 is discounted for each since there is no camp on July 4th and 5th.) This year, Rec is also offering a 10% sibling discount for families with multiple full day campers.

“Camp Fayville” is for 4–6 years olds with half day and full day options. (It doesn’t include field trips.) All campers must be potty trained.* Rates are $215 for half day (8:30 am – noon) and $300 for full day (8:30 am – 4:00 pm). (Week 3 is currently full for both half and full day. Other weeks are open for at least one of the two options.)

“Camp Cordaville” is for 7–12 years olds. That is a full day only program, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm at $300 per week. (Weeks 3, 4, & 6 are full.)

There is one field trip/special event anticipated per week for the older campers. Rec is promoting following events, with the caveat that they are subject to change:

  • Apex Entertainment trip – Week 1
  • inflatables on site (no field trip) – Week 2
  • Visit from Rainforest Reptile (no field trip) – Week 5
  • Ski Ward Summer Tubing trip – Week 7
  • Launch trip – Week 8

CITs (Counselor in Trainings) is for ages 13-14 years old from 8:15 am – 4:00 pm. (Currently, only weeks 2 and 8 are listed as having openings.) The program is $170/week. CITS may be assigned to work with either of the younger age groups. 

The program is pitches the program as for those:

looking to acquire skills while assisting in the work of our summer program. CITs will be exposed to situations such as behavior management, safety, programming, and team building. All CITs will be under the direction of a dedicated supervisor on-site.

Southborough Extended Day Camp

SEDP Summer 2024 flyerFor the past two years, the SEDP program (managed through a partnership of community parents and the Southborough public schools) has only been offered Mondays – Thursdays.

The fees work out to be a bit little higher than Rec’s camp, but it does have special details that make it a better fit for some families.

It offers the flexibility to pick specific days families need rather than committing to entire weeks. Extended hours are available in both the morning (starting at 7:30 am) and evening (running until 6:00 pm).

While it is limited to students entering grades K-6, within that age group they do accept children who aren’t “potty trained”.

Plus, unlike Southborough Rec, the field trips include the campers under 7 years old.

The program also generally offers CIT options for students entering 7th-9th grade and volunteer positions for older students.

You can find more details and a registration form on the SEDP website here.

*FYI — The first day of the next NSBORO school year is Thursday, August 29th.

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