Finn goes Gaga for playing ball thanks to student’s initiative

Above: Thanks to first grader Max Ross’ convincing arguments, kids can now enjoy playing Gaga Ball at Finn. (contributed photo)

Finn School Principal Clayton Ryan reached out about the successful efforts of a student in convincing the school to add a new recreation activity to its grounds.

It is clear from the details that the new Gaga Ball Pit is also thanks to support from school administrators and the Finn SOS. 

Here is Principal Ryan’s message, titled “The Power of Writing a Letter”:

One of our Finn first graders wrote a letter to me at the beginning of the year, pitching the idea of a Gaga Pit for the Finn Playground, and listing the reasons why. I met with [Max Ross] and he explained his reasons in more detail. I asked him if other students would think the same and he asked if he could have another meeting with me. Which I agreed to. The next meeting consisted of Max and 6 of his friends who supported Max’s reasons.

I was so impressed that I contacted Finn SOS and explained Max’s proposal to our Parent Group. They were equally impressed and agreed to fund the purchase and installation of the Gaga pit.

New Finn School Gaga Ball Pit - contributed photoThe Gaga pit was officially opened on Monday, June 3rd with Max and his friends explaining how the game was played to the students in each grade and playing the first match.

Updated (6/7/24 9:54 am): I received permission to add Max’s last name, Ross.

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