School Committee and parents address issues raised with Neary investigation (updated)

Above: Neary’s Principal Kathleen Valenti listened while a district parent read a petition that included a call for her dismissal. (image edited from video by Southborough Access Media)

Last night, a number of Southborough parents attended the Southborough School Committee meeting to have their voices heard about actions by a teacher at Neary School this year, subsequent steps of administrators, and other concerns. That included the reading of their petition with demands.

During that meeting, the School Committee discussed “key learnings” from public discussions and what steps to take.

The video from the meeting was posted late this morning to YouTube. 

I was unable to attend last night and will be tied up today. So, I may not be able to find the time to write a fair recap of the events until next week.

But you don’t have to wait for that. You can watch the meeting here.

To help, I’m providing some timed bookmarks below:

  • The committee explained the public comment schedule to attendees.
  • The only comments made during the first public comment section were the reading of the petition. (That involved parents acted in a relay, to continue to reading the petition when the prior commenter’s time ran out.)
  • The School Committee then opened its meeting business with the Principal’s Report.*
  • Given community interest, the committee then skipped ahead to Key Learnings from Office Hours Discussion.
  • After other school committee business, public comments reopened at the end of the meeting.

*Update(6/13/24 9:28 pm): I initially noted that it sounded as though Neary’s update was provided by another staff member. I’ve been told by someone who is in attendance that it was given by Neary Principal Kathleen Valenti.

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