Kids’ annual 4th of July parade at the Library – Tuesday

Above: The Library is holding its annual children’s parade to celebrate Independence Day. As usual, it takes place before the 4th. (images cropped from 2012 photos by Susan Fitzgerald)

Southborough doesn’t host public festivities on the 4th of July. But it does have an annual parade to mark the holiday. It’s a can’t miss for little ones, since they get to be the stars of it.

Every year, the Southborough Library invites kids to celebrate the holiday with a festive parade. Since the Library is closed on holidays, it takes place early. This year, it’s two days prior on Tuesday, July 2nd.

Kids, with parents/caregivers, are invited to meet up in the Children’s Room downstairs at the Library. There they can deck themselves in red white and blue accessories. And it wouldn’t be a 4th of July parade without flags to wave or noisemakers to shake.

The parade steps off from the Library at 11:00 am to the sound of patriotic music*. Kids will march around the corner, up the Common Street sidewalk, cross to and through Town Hall (to be waved on by enthusiastic staff), then loop back to meet up again inside the Library.

The celebration is capped off with refreshments. 

The event is sponsored annually by The Friends of the Southborough Library. No registration is required. 

*There’s no band. Just a toted music player. But it does the trick.

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