Position paper: Daniel L. Kolenda

Seat: Board of Selectmen – 3 year term

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Why I am running for office:

I first ran for our Board of Selectman when I returned home from serving in Iraq in 2009. There, I saw first-hand how people in that fledgling democracy waited in incredibly long lines, through multiple security points, just to have the opportunity to vote in a free and fair election for a candidate of their choice. Since then, I promised myself that I would participate in my own democracy in an even greater way, so I ran to be your Selectman, and was fortunate enough to have been elected. The work that we started three years ago to bring greater transparency and efficiency to our Town government needs to continue. I have fought hard to keep our taxes as low as possible while maintaining a high level of Town services. I know that your tax dollars were earned through your hard work, and need to be spent by your government wisely. Your government and I are here to serve you, not the other way around.

Why I am the right candidate for the position:

Governing is serious business that requires serious people committed to giving of themselves and their time for the betterment of their community. Over the last 3 years of service to our Town, I have met with numerous residents, our school administrators, our business owners and our community and state leaders. I listen first, gather facts, and then make the best decision I think possible for the entirety of our Town. I don’t act or govern based on emotion, and I will always do what I think is right for the residents of Southborough, not what may be right for me politically. I have developed a good, collaborative working relationship with our Town administration, our Town personnel, our Boards and Committees. I will bring this same level of thoughtful, respectful and responsible style of leadership to our Town during a second term. I bring a number of years of experience in a variety of capacities, including elected positions to your Board of Selectman, the Northborough-Southborough Regional School Committee, Southborough Little League and the Southborough Housing Authority, as well as an appointment to your Advisory Committee. I have successfully utilized these experiences and the contacts made as your Selectman, and respectfully ask for your vote on May 12 so that I can continue to provide the level of thoughtful leadership you deserve.

My priorities/Key issues:

As stated on my website: www.kolenda2014.com, my priorities include:

  • Efficient, effective Town government; limited taxation; transparent leadership
  • Support business development while maintaining the quality of life in Southborough
  • Fully fund our excellent school system while identifying areas for fiscal improvement

I also intend to continue to work closely with our residents, department heads and state officials to ensure that the pending Main Street Construction Project is done with the best interests of our residents at hand, ensuring the historic nature of our Town is maintained while needed infrastructure and safety upgrades are done.

To contact me to help support my candidacy:

website: www.kolenda2014.com
email: selectmankolenda@gmail.com
cell phone: 617.435.1967

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