Chestnut Hill Farm to offer a Meat CSA beginning in December

by beth on November 11, 2016

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Many of you know Chestnut Hill Farm for its fresh veggies (and some fruit) throughout the growing season. But now The Trustees of Reservations are hoping its where you’ll do your meat shopping this winter through early spring.

Chestnut Hill won’t be raising the animals that are going from farm to table. But it will be offering a meat CSA, courtesy of other TTOR farms in the region.

The CSA will offer three share sizes with pickups every two weeks from December through April. Customers will enjoy locally-sourced, sustainably-raised pork, beef and chicken:

Shareholders are not only accessing healthy food through this program but they are also supporting local farms and farmers, conservation, and The Trustees’ nonprofit mission to connect more people to the land.

To sign up, click here. For more details, see the press release below:

The Trustees today announced the launch of its first Meat Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program featuring beef, pork, and chicken produced sustainably and humanely on Trustees farms by Trustees farmers. Meat CSA members pre-pay for a share of the meat that The Trustees produce each season and receive a set number of pounds of meat every other week, depending on the size of their share. All meat comes pre-frozen in a variety of cuts ranging from succulent steaks and delicious ground beef to tender pork chops and savory sausage. Beginning in mid-December 2016 and running through April 2017, Meat CSA members can pick up shares at one of three Trustees farms: Moose Hill Farmin Sharon, Powisset Farmin Dover, and Chestnut Hill Farm in Southborough.

“We are so pleased to be able to offer this program to our members and farm visitors through our recently expanded livestock operation,” says Barbara Erickson, Trustees President and CEO. “Preserving agricultural lands and promoting a sustainable, local food system is a key focal point of our conservation mission. Our new Meat CSA provides yet another opportunity for people to visit our farms and learn more about the importance of knowing where their food comes from and how it was produced.”

The Trustees is the world’s first and Massachusetts’ largest conservation and preservation organization and one of the largest owners of farmland in the state. In its 125-year history, The Trustees has protected over 12,000 acres of farmland in Massachusetts, with over 2,000 acres of agricultural land and seven working farms currently in its portfolio of 116 scenic, cultural, and natural properties located around the state.

Trustees’ sustainable farming practices go beyond production to ensure the preservation of landscapes and the ecology of our properties. Trustees’ cattle, pigs, and chickens are raised with care in a variety of open, natural settings at Moose Hill Farm in Sharon, Powisset Farm in Dover, and Weir River Farm in Hingham.

“Our Trustees’ meat is sustainably raised, which is better for the health of our customers and our animals,” adds Cathy Wirth, Trustees Agriculture Program Director. “We make our animals’ health and well-being a top priority and as a result of the dedicated care we provide, their quality of life is excellent and the meat they produce is extremely high quality and delicious.”

Beginning December 12, 2016 and running every other week through April 24, 2017, Meat CSA members will pick up a mix of beef, pork, and chicken on-farm for a total of 10 pick-ups for the season. Members receive a set number of pounds of meat each week, depending on the size of their share. Shares sizes and season prices include:

  • Large Share: 8 lbs. beef per pick-up, 4 lbs. pork per pick-up, 2 whole chickens per season ($1,375)
  • Medium Share: 6 lbs. beef per pick-up, 3 lbs. pork per pick-up, 2 whole chickens per season ($1,045)
  • Small Share: 5 lbs. beef per pick-up, 2 lbs. pork per pick-up, 2 whole chickens per season ($825)

Meat CSA members can choose the pick up location and day that is most convenient, however members are asked to chose one location for the season.

  • Chestnut Hill Farm, Southborough, Tuesdays (2-6PM)
  • Moose Hill Farm, Sharon, Wednesdays (2-6PM)
  • Powisset Farm, Dover, Thursdays (2-6PM)

On average, Meat CSA prices represent a cost of $11/pound for beef and pork and $5/pound for chicken, which is comparable to other locally raised meats in the area. For those looking for a smaller amount of meat than shares provide, The Trustees encourages members to consider splitting shares with friends, family, or neighbors—a practice that has been popular with its vegetable CSA shareholders. The CSA model is designed to encourage members to eat creatively and explore new cuts, flavors, and recipes. Joining the Trustees Meat CSA supports local farms, sustainable food systems, and conservation.

Trustees Meat CSA registrations are now on sale and accepted on a first come, first serve basis, with priority given to current Trustees vegetable CSA members. A Trustees membership is required, as the opportunity to participate in Trustees CSAs is a benefit of Trustees membership. For more information and to register, please visit email

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