Town Meeting: CPA Articles pass, STM Article fails, meeting continued to Thursday

by beth on April 27, 2017

At the start of tonight’s meeting, interim Moderator Roger Challen told voters that there were still 34 Articles remaining. If we averaged 6 minutes per item, we could make it through.

No surprise, that didn’t happen. In fact, voters only managed to dispose of 16.

Article 5 (the Personnel SAP) was indefinitely postponed. Special Town Meeting Article 8 (Authorization for elected officials to hire special counsel) failed. 14 other articles passed. That leaves 18 to go.

At about 10:50 pm, voters chose to call it a night.

What took so long? That’s a story for sometime tomorrow.

For now, here’s what you need to know. . . 

Thursday night’s meeting will again reconvene at 7:00 pm. Up first will be Articles 26-30 for a new bylaw to allow Adaptive Reuse of Historical Buildings. Those articles were moved up to be addressed before voters vote on the “disposition” of Fayville Hall and its abutting parking lot.

The Pass list for tonight covered: 

  • Article 10 – Reauthorize Revolving Funds
  • Article 11 – Facilities Maintenance Fund
  • Article 12 – Community Preservation Act – Administrative
  • Article 13 – CPA – Debt payment for Burnett House FY17
  • Article 14 – CPA – Debt payment for Burnett House FY18
  • Article 15 – CPA – Flagg School Restoration Project
  • Article 16 – CPA – Restoration/Preservation of Historical Permanent Records
  • Article 17 – CPA – Breakneck Hill Conservation Land Management
  • Article 18 – CPA – New basketball court at Harold Fay Memorial Playground
  • Article 19 – CPA – Rehabilitation of Richardson Tennis Courts (lighting)
  • Article 20 – CPA – Mooney Field lighting
  • Article 21 – Amend Senior Tax Work-off
  • Article 22 – Accept Easement from Fay School
  • Article 23 – Adopt standing committee for technology

Still up for vote on Thursday are:

  • Article 24 – Disposition of municipal properties
  • Article 25 – Adopt Economic Development Committee
  • Article 26-30 – Adaptive reuse of historic buildings and related zoning changes
  • Article 31-33 – Prohibitions/restrictions on recreational marijuana
  • Article 34 – Funding for National Historic District Preservation Planner
  • Article 35 – Amend Electioneering prohibited
  • Article 36 – Amend notice of meeting
  • Article 37 – Amend Annual Debtors List
  • Article 38 – Amend nomination papers
  • Article 39 – Amend Town Meeting vote counting
  • Article 40 – (Citizen Petition) Alternatives for Public Safety Facility siting
  • Article 43 – (Citizen Petition) Amend Town Code: Town Counsel

I would say that some of these are likely to be handled swiftly. . . but after the past two nights, I can no longer predict what will lead to long dispute and controversy. 

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1 Govt April 27, 2017 at 7:43 AM

Pretty disappointing to see that the hiring of counsel was voted down. I wonder if people realize that the Planning Board was being sued by Depetri and the town left them out to dry. Cipriano would not assist them he was too busy defending Depetri and they were left to spend money out of their own pocket.
This is the same group of citizens that shot down recall elections. Isn’t not defending our elected officials when they need it most worse than trying to recall a candidate for negligent use of office?

It looks like things won’t change in this town.

The Kolenda signs continue to go up in the affluent neighborhoods, and on Bartolini’s cousin’s converted single family to two family houses on Flagg (Yes that happened by vote of Leo) and the middle of this town will continue to get screwed Dan and the crew.
Good job Southboro…Vote informed not like a sheep


2 Publius April 27, 2017 at 2:35 PM

The BOS work hard trying to balance competing interests and at the same time make the right decision that will benefit the town now and in the future. It is not an easy job and for what ? after seeing what Rooney went through why would anyone put themselves and their families through that ? and too the complainers, step up and serve. Don’t think about it. Do it.


3 mark dassoni April 27, 2017 at 10:44 AM

town meetings contains :never on time starting, too long moderator rules and procedures, too wordy articles, to many boards getting to much time to explain their reasons, motions at times are way to complicated for their own worth, never have citizens feel like they have to rush because others are impatient, yes, I am a town meeting veteran in Ashland our moderator can be good and patient other times he gets impatient and rushes through articles and citizens input, still got 14 more articles for third night, cannot see adjournment before 11pm,good luck, my only negative citizens petition article 8 again the planning board is legally defenseless ,selectmen cannot not admit that zoning board they are kissing their butts and not caring at all about citizens and planning board, shame on you selectmen. Mark Dassoni .


4 mark dassoni April 27, 2017 at 1:12 PM

agree whole heartily with govt posting here, Mark Dassoni .


5 Govt April 27, 2017 at 1:13 PM

Wow, what a sad, disgruntled and disillusioned perspective from ‘Govt’. I guess class is alive and well. Terrible that you go on a crusade against Mr Kolenda. This town lost a tremendous Selectman when Mr Rooney resigned, but Govt and their crew do not accept a democratic vote unless they get their way — I fear for the future of this town.


6 Govt April 27, 2017 at 2:07 PM

Mr. Rooney was in fact a good Selectman that cared about the issues. It was unfortunate he left office. I’m not sure why he leaving is relevant to me.

Yes we are disgruntled the system that has purposely failed us and I do blame that on the BOS and the the people in charge. I accept the vote on providing counsel to our elected boards. I probably will not serve on one as a result to leave my fate in the hands of the BOS. I just don’t think it was the right vote and things won’t change around here.

We’ll continue to fund the best interest of developers and their business partners and ruin the community, our schools, the roads. Once you eliminate the value of the homes in the middle, the rest fall with them look at Hopkinton, Westboro. The people of Sears, Presidential and other areas will see how this works when they get what they want and I’ll create the handout letting the monstrosity know that the easiest way to Marlboro is Sears.


7 mark dassoni April 27, 2017 at 2:05 PM

latest govt posting seems flip-flop from first govt posting, mark dassoni .


8 Govt April 27, 2017 at 4:27 PM

Rooney recused himself from this debacle and for a lot less reason than others that ran the process refused to. I believe that is what the ethics complaint was about that he had allegedly participated in a meeting that he shouldn’t have due to the recusal.

I love that Cimino blames the neighbors for this debacle and for Rooneys departure but the government as a whole refuses to take an ounce of responsibility for their actions.

They want to smear the residents for their mistakes it’s the typical distraction from the fact. You hear Denningtin say we are trying to cool the mood but then votes against mass state law that the use variance is valid although it clearly expired. He goes on to say regarding the use of counsel for the planning board that we the taxpayers shouldn’t pay to defend both sides. No instead the citizens that have been wronged by decisions made and Atty Cipriano choosing the zba position instead of the planning board should put be burdened to pay.


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