Fayville Playground taking longer than expected: Play available in Oct/Nov; grand opening next spring

by beth on September 19, 2017

Above: With all the smiles in the video update, you’d think the news about the playground was great. But as you can probably tell by all the active construction in the background, it’s not the news families were hoping to hear this week. (video by Southborough Access Media)

Southborough Recreation and Public Works heads teamed up with Southborough Access Media to give the public an update on the Fayville Playground rebuild. The good news is that families will be able to use the playground this sometime this fall. But, that date is being pushed out further again.

According to DPW Superintendent Karen Galligan, the playground should be available for playing (most days) by the end of next month or sometime in early November.

The initial schedule had been for completion in mid-late summer. In August, we were told it would be done by the end of September (with explanation that it is still technically summer). And a ribbon cutting was planned for October. Now the grand opening is slated for early Spring 2018.

So, why the big gap between soft opening and grand? The playground will apparently become available for use before it is completed. It sounds like the play equipment and protective ground cover will be in. It’s just the finishing touches that will still need to be finished: landscaping, paving, benches, little picnic tables, etc..

That means, there will be occasions when the area will be closed some days to add those elements. But Galligan assures those closures will be for about a day at a time, with no more lengthy delays. They hope to have everything done by early spring, including signage acknowledging donation, grants and sponsorship.

Speaking of the acknowledgements, residents are still working to raise funds for the playground equipment.

As I previously posted, there are a range of sponsorship options from recognition at the opening ceremony for just $50 to a “visibly, landscaped nook that will display your name as a significant sponsor” for $5,000. If you missed that story (or need a refresher), click here.

1 Ashamed taxpayer May 8, 2018 at 4:35 AM

Are we being lied to, or is it just incompetence? Why do we take the word of these folks when we seek funds for projects in town? I want my donation returned for this Fayville Park fiasco. I’ll give it where it is not wasted.

It makes me think though. Is the town properly running the maintenance of fields, roads, water, etc. Are we funding new projects that will be maintained properly?

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