MWDN: Senior Center remembers Alice Kavanaugh

by beth on June 19, 2018

Last week, I shared the obituary of 98 year old Alice Kavanaugh. The Southborough senior had a strong connection to the Southborough Senior Center. In 2015, the Southborough resident retired from more than 10 years working there. The retirement came just months after she celebrated her 95th birthday at the center.

Last week, Metrowest Daily News spoke to Senior Center staff and visitors who shared their memories of the senior center’s “heart”:

Three years ago, Alice Kavanaugh “retired” at age 95 from her part-time job as an administrative assistant at the senior center. But she continued to stop by every Tuesday and Thursday to play cards and socialize.

Kavanaugh died Tuesday, prompting many at the senior center last week to recall a woman they described as sweet, kind, wise, funny and always positive. She was 98.

“She was the kindest, wisest person I’ve ever met,” said Senior Center Director Pam Le Francois. “She had a sense of humor. She loved to sing.”

Kavanaugh made sure the staff stayed on track with their tasks.

“She reminded us of what we had to do,” Le Francois said. . .

“We were her second career,” said Cindy Beard, outreach coordinator. “She never had to look up phone numbers. I think it was her work at the telephone company.”

Nothing rattled Kavanaugh.

“She learned how to use a computer and referred to it as ‘the machine,’” Beard said. “She didn’t let it intimidate her.” . . .

All the staff noted Kavanaugh’s sense of style and the accessories she wore. A small area of the center is named Alice’s Gift Shop in Kavanaugh’s honor.

Kavanaugh gave excellent advice and many considered her the heart of the senior center, Le Francois said.

“We were really lucky to have someone like her to work with,” she said.

Kavanaugh last visited the center about a week and half ago.

“I just remember her big smile and presence,” Le Francois said.

You can read the full story, here.

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