Fay employee being held until dangerousness hearing; claims he was joking

by beth on September 29, 2018

[Editor’s Note: Fay School is an advertiser on MySouthborough.]

The former lead custodian of Fay School appeared in Westborough District Court yesterday. Police Chief Kenneth Paulhus updated me that the accused is being held until a Dangerousness Hearing takes place. That is scheduled for Tuesday, October 2nd.

According to NBC Boston, prosecutors explained that the “Terroristic Threat” charge refers to statements allegedly made about school shootings and violence. The defendant’s lawyer said he claims that he was just joking. She told the court that her client:

denies any threats were made or intended.

Reporter John Moroney stated:

Authorities say it happened last week, when Fay School informed [the defendant] that his work was unsatisfactory.

The news site reports:

Prosecutors said he told a co-worker it would be a good day to “shoot up the school” and for “a sniper to be up in a tree.”. . .

Prosecutors said Pepper made the comments to a co-worker while the two were in a golf cart on campus, at which time, Pepper pulled out a utility knife.

“He placed the utility knife in one of the front compartments and said to that fellow employee, ‘I better put this away so I don’t use it,'” said the prosecutor.

You can read the full story here. The original story on the arrest with Fay School’s public statement is here.

1 silence_is_golden October 11, 2018 at 10:26 AM

Readers should take note of what happened – and how easily one can lose one’s freedom. A casual comment, spoken when upset, can result in something as serious as a call to law enforcement, which can lead to arrest. At least two things should be taken form this incident:

1. Be careful what you say to acquaintances such as neighbors, co-workers, etc. If they
don’t happen to like what you’ve said or otherwise take offense at it, they may call law
enforcement and you’ll be asked to explain your actions/statements to them.

2. As almost any attorney will advise, say NOTHING to the police. Anything you say will
be used against you in a court of law. Statements you’ve made will be taken out of
context and entered into the police report in order to make a case against you. That
report will be provided to the court and believed above anything you may say. If it
comes to believing you or the report and/or investigating officer, you know who the
court is going to believe. Even if the report contains factual errors, it will be accepted
over your word.

You may provide identifying information (although not a requirement in MA unless
you’re operating a motor vehicle) and after that REMAIN SILENT. Their job is to get
you to talk in order to incriminate yourself. You have a RIGHT to remain silent. Be
smart and exercise that right. Save your thoughts and conversations for your attorney.

If you believe only dangerous criminals get arrested and locked up – guess again. It can
happen to YOU in a blink. It doesn’t take much. Once law enforcement is called in to a
situation, it’s out of the caller’s hands and law enforcement has taken over the situation.

Be careful out there!

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