Mindful Art – free after school program for Trottier & Algonquin students

by beth on March 22, 2019

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Above: Middle and high school students are invited to take part in a free program that explores wellness through art to be featured in an upcoming art show. (image from SYFS website)

Trottier and Algonquin students are invited to enjoy making “Mindful Art”. The program is free – you just need to sign up soon.

It will kickoff in less than two weeks and run for 6 weeks. The “mentored art” after school program won’t require parent transportation (mostly). 5 of the sessions will be held at the schools and end in time for kids to take the late bus home.*

Mindful Art program flyerThe flyer asks parents:

Is your child interested in trying different art mediums and techniques while being mentored by a professional artist? Or exploring who they are through artistic expression?

The program is organized by Southborough Youth and Family Services. Their Program Coordinator describes:

The focus of Mindful Art is trying out different art mediums while creating art pieces that reflect emotions. It will be run by an art mentor (an artist who works in conjunction with Wayside [Youth & Family Support Network]) with a staff person from SYFS there each week.

The coolest part of the program is that the piece of art the student creates that they like best will be framed and hung in the art gallery we’re featuring for Celebrate Wellness, the culminating event for May/Mental Health Awareness Month, on May 30th at Community House.**

The Trottier sessions will be Wednesdays April 3rd through May 8th. The Algonquin sessions are Thursdays, April 4th through May 9th.*

If you have questions, you can follow up with Shannon Kinayman at SYFS at at 508-481-5756 or skinayman@southboroughma.com.

To register, click here to open the SYFS registration form. Enter the program code 3381 for Trottier and 2281 for ARHS.

*The program overlaps April vacation. The date and location for that week is TBD.

**(Note: If you’re pitching this program to your teen, my daughter recommends replacing “coolest” with “most gucci lit”.)

Updated (3/22/19 10:20 am): I inserted the full name of Wayside Youth & Family Support Network after a reader’s question made me realize that most readers wuldn’t know what “Wayside” referred to. (It’s not the swim & racket club)

1 Interested March 22, 2019 at 9:47 AM

“an artist who works in conjunction with Wayside”
What is “Wayside”? Is it an artist guild?

2 beth March 22, 2019 at 10:17 AM

That’s an excellent question. The Wayside logo on the cover image and flyer spells it out – but the reduced size versions on the blog make the bottom line illegible. The reference is to Wayside Youth & Family Support Network. You can learn more about them here.

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