Southborough Access Media asking for public support – April 3rd meeting

by beth on March 27, 2019

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I’ll admit, I’ve been worried about the impact “cord cutting” trends and FCC decisions will have on the future of our Town’s cable access channel.

I’ve previously shared how much I rely on Southborough Access Media’s coverage of Town committee and board meetings. Maybe you value them for their coverage of special community events. Whatever you value them for, if you value them, they are asking you to come out and show your support a week from tonight.

Here is their announcement:

The Southborough Cable Television Committee will be holding an open public meeting at the Town House on April 3 at 7pm, in the McAuliffe Hearing Room.

Contracts are coming up for negotiations with the service providers, Charter and Verizon. At some point, the FCC will be arriving at a decision on expected changes for the industry that will undoubtedly have an effect on all of the local cable stations. In an effort to solidify the value of SAM in the Southborough community, Southborough Access Media is in need of your support at this upcoming meeting with these service providers.

If you have enjoyed the service that we at SAM love doing, then this is a great platform to come up and say something. We are here to connect the community, all ages, generations, with interesting programing in the studio or on location. Whether it’s posting public information on the government and public channel bulletin boards, or covering a government meeting, a parade, a veterans event or something interesting at the library, we are here to connect the community.

Please reach out to the Executive Director, Katelyn Willis, myself or Trevor Dillman with any questions. Your physical presence will make a huge impact on SAM going forward.

Thank you so very much.

Updated (3/28/19 8:00 am): I didn’t include the signature, leaving “myself” a mystery. It was written by Assistant Executive Director Terry Underwood.

It occurred to me that some of you may wonder how to contact SAM. You can find that information here.

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