Look for details on a collaboration between Southborough Schools and Extended Day

by beth on January 13, 2022

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Southborough Extended Day Program and the administration of NSBORO schools appear to have reached some kind of compromise on a partnership. A joint announcement will be issued to families soon.

The agreement was discussed at last night’s meeting of the Southborough School Committee. Unfortunately, I had to zoom into the meeting too late to get all of the details. But a message on Facebook from Kathryn Rose, one of the parents leading the petition campaign to support SEDP, described:

SEDP and the district worked out a collaboration deal that SEDP will remain independent but the district will work with them and have oversight on financials and staffing.

I was able to directly catch the School Committee’s approval of the 2022-23 fee structure provided by Superintendent Gregory Martineau for the next fiscal year. They were the same as the rates currently listed on SEDP’s website for this year.

Assistant Superintendent of Operations, Kieth Lavoie presented the following tentative timeline for implementing the new plan. He noted his hope that the schools and SEDP can successfully finalize a joint announcement in time to get it out this Friday:

Extended Day changes - Implementation Timeline

NSBORO administrators confirmed that each of the three elementary schools will continue to have its own Site Coordinator working 30-45 hours per week.

Last month, Rose read a letter to School Committee members before they considered voting to replace SEDP with program with one run by the school administration. She listed several questions she believed the community needed answered before action was taken that would cause SEDP “to no longer exist”. 

On Facebook last night, she painted the decision made as good news:

School Committee Meeting Update: Congratulations to the SEDP board, staff and the leadership of the District for their hard work in collaborating and reaching a true partnership for the Extended Day program. Thank you to all of you who were passionate on this issue. I have faith in all the parties that they will work well together for our kids and the community members who rely on this service. Your voices have been heard and have made a difference. More details to come.

For more background on the situation, click here.

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1 Resident January 13, 2022 at 12:26 PM

All this proposal does is add the money that the schools want to drain from us. Hiring the staff to run under the umbrella of the school system adds to the cost of benefits, retirement, staff salaries. Right now, those costs are not ours, they belong to SEDP. How long are we going to allow Martineau to keep draining our pockets for his own gain. He looks like he comes up with a great solution but the catch is you and I are funding this fiasco. Every single year the school wants more and more and more. Yet, our student count supposedly is going down. Now after renovating all our schools except for Neary, they want to make Woodward town offices. Then they want to rebuild Neary at our expense. When is enough enough?


2 M O'Neill January 13, 2022 at 10:01 PM

This blog is so important because Beth is a narrator to the ongoings in the town and schools. Martineau doesn’t care about you the people of this town. He does not care about the students. He is the most dangerous employee the towns of Northborough and Southborough have ever hired. He is moving at a fast pace to implement changes and taking advantage of all of us during the pandemic. He is a brilliant politician, and is smoothly calculating his every move. You can get a sense of it how he skillfully controls the dialogue in every meeting. Wake up, and challenge the SC to do their job. More importantly we need people to step up and run for office, participate and comment at meetings, and take action. I’m woken up finally, and I am working with others to get them elected to positions coming up for election. Where are we at now $/student in the state. It’s gotta be in the top 10 for towns. The fact is all the new programs, software changes, consultants to study x,y,z mascot changes etc, the dollars are adding up. Problem is the next few years are going to need a whole different focus than all of this stuff which may or may not be the right thing for the town. What I do know is that every ounce of energy needs to be focused on handling the psychological and emotional health of the students which will increase exponentially. Martineaus whole agenda disregards any of this, and the SC is so busy keeping up with it they are forgetting what’s more important.


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