Algonquin holds its own in MCAS results

The 2008 MCAS scores were released this week. You can go here for a complete list of results. Or here or here for local press coverage.

I was curious how Algonquin fared relative to other schools in the area, and since it hurt my head to scan through the 800+ lines of data put forth by the DOE, I decided to assemble some handy graphs (see below).

Algonquin easily exceeded state averages for each of the 3 subjects (English, math, and science) and was on par with other areas schools. The strongest subject for Algonquin relative to other schools was English. Take a look for yourself. Click graphs to enlarge.

In the graphs below, P+/A = Above Proficient/Advanced, P = Proficient, NI = Needs Improvement, W/F = Warning/Failing.

I also looked at the Composite Performance Index (CPI), which is a measure of “the extent to which students are progressing toward proficiency” in a given subject (ref). The CPI for Algonquin was in the top 11% of schools for English, the top 13% for math, and the top 10% for science. In comparing CPIs, Concord-Carlisle and Dover-Sherborn were area schools that outperformed Algonquin in all subjects.

You can also check out annual performance trends for Algonquin here.

In an upcoming post I’ll delve into MCAS results for Southborough’s elementary and middle school students.

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