Attorney for elderly tree huggers indicted

It’s been a mixed week for Christopher M. Uhl, an attorney from Southborough. First he’s in the news for representing three elderly women from Shrewsbury who were served with eviction notices after tying themselves to a crabapple tree slated to be cut down to make room for a dumpster in their housing complex. He’s doing the work pro bono. Sort of a crazy story, but nice of him to offer his services at no cost, right?

Then comes word that he’s been indicted in federal court for tax evasion. According to the indictment, Uhl withheld taxes and FICA contributions from his employees’ paychecks, but then neglected to turn it over to the government. All told, he’s alleged to have pocketed over $200K. If convicted, he could serve jail time in addition to paying fines.

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